Groceryshop Leads the Grocery & CPG Industry into the Future

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The Robin Report has always been a proponent of transformational change. For those of us who attended Shoptalk\’s inaugural event in March of 2016, it became obvious that this educational platform to rescue and propel retail into the future was brilliant. It delivered a much-needed forum bringing together the tech-driven \”new world\” with the traditional \”old world\” of legacy retailing.

Shoptalk\’s visionary founder, Anil Aggarwal, saw how the technology revolution was barreling down on the retail industry and launched his unique event to help retailers navigate the digital world. It had an immediate and impressive impact, reflected by the first-year attendance of over 3,000 senior and C-level executives, from both tech-driven startups and traditional retail sectors. Flash-forward to Shoptalk 2018 where 8,400 attendees continued the conversation. Shoptalk 2019 is set to be even bigger.

Aggarwal believes that now is the critical time for the grocery and CPG industries to chart their paths to transformation. That\’s why he launched Groceryshop, which will debut later this month, October 28-31 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. This innovative, live-event platform will address the challenges and opportunities of radical reordering of the grocery and CPG industries, just as Shoptalk did for general merchandise. The event is already close to selling out at over 2,000 attendees, including almost 200 CEOs, from 800 companies and 27 countries.

If you are an executive or entrepreneur in the grocery or contiguous industries, you owe it to your company – and to your career – to get to this groundbreaker. And you need to do it fast: fewer than 100 tickets remain available. Complete details and registration are at

Groceryshop\’s 200+ keynotes, panelists and other speakers will make sense of the dramatically changing business and technology landscape. Here are just a few of the provocative issues that keep us awake at night:

  • Is Walmart\’s major push into the digital world, through its acquisition, a game changer for the supermarket business?
  • Why is Kroger, still the largest pure play in the sector, putting unprecedented resources into its online efforts, including a major partnership with the UK\’s biggest web-based operation?
  • As Amazon continues to integrate Whole Foods into its overall strategy, what are the opportunities for significant market share gains?
  • The pace of direct-to-consumer startups in the grocery sector shows no signs of abating as each seeks to find the magic formula. Which ones are set to resonate most with shoppers?
  • Why are many of the first wave launches in the grocery sector, including some meal-delivery services, struggling to find their place in the consumer\’s mind?

All of these topics and more will be on the agenda for Groceryshop this month, making attendance critical for anybody who needs to know how all of these changes will impact their businesses.

It was just that sense of urgency and relevance that has made Shoptalk the most important event on the general merchandise retail front and Groceryshop will no doubt achieve the same goal.

\”The Groceryshop brand stands for intellectual integrity in our agenda, a world-class speaker lineup, a focus on re-educating retail for a digital future and customized and personalized programs that deliver real value and ROI,\” said Aggarwal. \”We identified a need in the industry and we set out to help the industry meet that need.\”

The Robin Report will be there to participate in the dynamic conversation, and so should you if you want to help lead your company into the future.



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