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Cotton Incorporated is the research and promotion company for Upland cotton. Funded by U.S. cotton growers and importers of Upland cotton-containing products, the not-for-profit organization’s mission is to increase the demand for and profitability of cotton. As a resource for the cotton industry, Cotton Incorporated conducts or oversees more than 450 research and educational projects in an average year. Research areas range from the development of agricultural and textile innovations to analyses of commodity and market data. 

For nearly three decades, the Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ Survey has measured consumer attitudes and behaviors related to the apparel and fashion industries, sustainability, home textiles, shopping and retail, fiber selection and preference, personal care items, and more.

The Cotton Incorporated Lifestyle Monitor™ website is an information hub for economic data, surveys and insights, news, and updates related to consumer attitudes and behaviors, as well as the global cotton supply chain.

Cotton Incorporated develops and provides thorough and objective data and information to trade and consumer media, the textile/apparel supply chain, brands, and retailers as well as curious consumers.

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Cotton NFT

How Web3, NFTs & the Metaverse Fit in With Fashion

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) recently announced it will be celebrating its upcoming 60th anniversary by “looking to the future” with a metaverse, Web3, and NFT exhibition in December. While the subjects of the event may be unfamiliar to many, organizers hope

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Cotton Active

Activewear Keeps Getting Hotter

Activewear isn’t going anywhere, in fact it’s here to stay. The already healthy global activewear market is only expected to increase its muscle in the coming years, thanks to a greater interest in health and wellness, as well as a continued appreciation for comfortable athleisure

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Salafino Cotton Sustainability

Innovative Brands Are Stepping Up Their Sustainability Game

As consumers become more aware of sustainability, some fashion brands are making concerted efforts to not just be seen as an eco-conscious brand, but to change their practices and supply chains to reach legitimate sustainability goals. Mavi’s Multi-Faceted Sustainability Approach Mavi, a global jeans and

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RR Cotton Organic

How Conventional Cotton Can Meet Consumers’ Organic Desires

In general, consumers have a high opinion of all-cotton and cotton-rich apparel. Conventional cotton represents 99 percent of the cotton apparel available at retail, while organic cotton constitutes less than one percent. Therefore, because of the scarcity of organic cotton, many brands and retailers rely

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Salifino Cotton 1

Secrets Behind Small Businesses Success

When Covid-19 first hit the U.S., the effects were fast and furious, affecting all sectors of the economy in 2020. Those who were self-employed and working dropped by 20 percent between April 2020 and April 2019. But the pandemic also spurred entrepreneurism. The country saw

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GlasheenJ CriteriaFashion 1

Consumers Use New Criteria to Evaluate Apparel

Fast fashion is finally on its way out and the cost-per-wear value metric is making a comeback. Companies that were forced to reduce the quality of the materials to manufacture clothing just to stay alive in the race-to-the-bottom can finally pull their heads out of

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Microplastic Pollution: A Constant Threat

Microplastic pollution is one of the single most critical threats to climate change and among the least understood by the general public. 

Watch and learn from our experts who will deconstruct the problems, recommend solutions and present action plans for the retail industry as well as consumers to reverse the microplastic pollution tide.

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