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Alvanon is a global fashion-technology company shaping the future of fit. Since our founding we have been working to define sizing standards and fit specifications for consumer’s bodies. We do not make clothes; we help make clothes fit. Fit standards like ours are designed to serve both brands and consumers, solving many of the problems facing the industry today. Research shows customers who have an understanding of a brand’s fit and how it relates to their body are more likely to purchase more and return less. Brands with consistent fit standards produce more saleable garments, reduce waste and secure customer long-term loyalty.

Over the last twenty-two years Alvanon has developed over 10,000 sizing and fit standards for thousands of brands and retailers globally. Understanding the value of emerging technology, our process involves creating a digital avatar twin for each physical mannequin, allowing brands to work with accurate measurements in 3D from the beginning of the design process. We work on the complex problems of fit for consumers, brands and clothing manufacturers. We have been a disrupter in the mannequin business since 2001, applying deep data analysis  to the development of physical mannequins. These mannequins aren’t your usual mannequins; based on extensive research on the human body, they are setting the size standard for the whole fashion industry. We’ve built a reputation on our unique methodology for understanding bodies and our ability to translate that understanding to fit forms, while emphasizing the industry’s need for standards. Our work serves as the benchmark for fit. As a company, we have an evolutionary mindset. To us, this means investing in research, experimentation, and collaboration to find practical solutions for industry-wide problems. We strive to look beyond our silos, and encourage our clients to do the same. This mindset has allowed us to constantly evolve as a company, including new products and guided consulting services as the industry becomes technologically ready for the next steps. We also embrace competition; we truly believe that this industry and the fashion industry’s problems are big enough that multiple stakeholders can co-exist, collaborate and flourish.   In 2022 we launched our vision of an apparel fit and sizing ecosystem, exploring the possibilities of a digital fit ecosystem and a roadmap to a sustainable and profitable future. Through launching new technologies, such as Body AI and Alvanon’s consumer app, MyAlva, we hope to realize the implementation of such an ecosystem throughout the entire fashion industry.  We are currently working on the beta launch of our new suite of technologies, BodyAI.  Launching simultaneously in 2024 will be MyAlva, a consumer-facing app that is able to build an accurate avatar of the consumer from measurements or photos and provide fit and size recommendations; and the Alvanon Analytics Platform, a data engine that is able to analyze consumer avatars to allow brands and retailers to optimize their product offerings.
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Welcome to the 3D Century

If you’re looking for a quick way to become an overnight expert on 3D and emerging technologies in the fashion retail industry, check out the 3D Tech Fest video presentations, the vision and brainchild of Alvanon’s CEO, Janice Wang. In the pursuit of short-term profits,

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KohanS VirtualTryon

Don’t Be Fooled by Virtual Sizing Apps

Sizing and fit are top concerns for consumers shopping apparel. According to Shapeometry, in 2019 the apparel returns related to fit hit $60 billion, half of which were returns of online purchases. About 85 percent of apparel returns were due to fit issues. So, the

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ColeC Alvanon SkillsFashion

Skills to Future Proof the Fashion Industry

In addition to social and economic pressures, corporate social responsibility will be further shaped by the acceleration of technology in our lives and the workplace. The advent of technology has caused growth spurts throughout history. In the 1850s, we saw the age of mechanization (the

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Alvanon Denim

Data + 3D = Efficiency!

It\’s denim season again and we are anticipating what\’s next. How will trends in eco-responsible production and gender adaptability in styling and innovations deliver true consumer personalisation? What will be the big new denim story? More importantly, is the skinny jean dead yet? Whether it\’s

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Driscoll M OneSizes

One Size Does Not Fit All

One Size Fits All Is so 1999! Armed with technology, consumers believe they can have anything they want literally immediately. This expectation is uprooting the status quo and business as usual, across all sectors of retail. A prime example is customer demand in the inclusive

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Microplastic Pollution: A Constant Threat

Microplastic pollution is one of the single most critical threats to climate change and among the least understood by the general public. 

Watch and learn from our experts who will deconstruct the problems, recommend solutions and present action plans for the retail industry as well as consumers to reverse the microplastic pollution tide.

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