Warren Shoulberg

Warren Shoulberg knows home furnishings. He has been a regular contributor to The Robin Report,, The Business of Home and Home Textiles Today as well as his own blog As the former editor-in-chief for several leading business-to-business publications specializing in home furnishings retailing he has chronicled the good, the bad and the ugly of the business in a career spanning four decades.

His award winning commentaries elicit both praise and complaints. He welcomes them both equally. He has guest lectured at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and been honored by the International Furnishings and Design Association, Gift for Life and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC News and other media as an expert in the field.

He expects to be doing this for the duration.

Barbie: The Doll, the Movie, the Stuff…Your Life

The intersection of movies and merchandising is a long, tortured road with more than its fair share of boffo success stories and bombs…both at the ...
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When Does Crime Prevention Turn into Sales Prevention?

We all know about Amazon’s just-walk-out format. And just-in-time supply chain systems have been the rage for decades. Now, welcome to just-say-no retailing. It’s a ...
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Pop Goes the Retailer

If you look up the word “Pop-tailer” in the dictionary, you will find…well, actually you won’t find anything. It doesn’t exist…until now. That’s because we ...
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Will RH Translate into the British Market?

They love our movies, our music, and our Coca-Cola. They eat our McDonald’s, fly on our Boeing jets, wear our Levi’s 501s and, use our ...
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Urban Decay

The days when a department store flagship was the centerpiece of virtually every downtown in America have long since passed. And while there has been ...
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From A to BBB: The Real Reasons Why Bed Bath & Beyond Went Bust

The post-mortem obituaries for Bed Bath & Beyond have been coming fast and furiously after the Big Box home furnishings retailer filed for bankruptcy in ...
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Shocking, Breaking News: More Millennials Now Own Homes Than Rent Them

We’re all guilty of repeating the tired clichés about millennials being forever renters and never buying their own homes as generations before them have done. ...
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Tom Kingsbury’s Kohl’s Conundrum: Finding Life after Coupons, Cash and Barbarians at the Gates

Tom Kingsbury probably has as good a reputation as anybody in the retail business. Ask those who have worked for him, done business with him ...
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