Warren Shoulberg

Warren Shoulberg knows home furnishings. He has been a regular contributor to The Robin Report,, The Business of Home and Home Textiles Today as well as his own blog As the former editor-in-chief for several leading business-to-business publications specializing in home furnishings retailing he has chronicled the good, the bad and the ugly of the business in a career spanning four decades.

His award winning commentaries elicit both praise and complaints. He welcomes them both equally. He has guest lectured at the Columbia University Graduate School of Business and been honored by the International Furnishings and Design Association, Gift for Life and the Fashion Institute of Technology. He has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, ABC News and other media as an expert in the field.

He expects to be doing this for the duration.

Why the New Bed Bath & Beyond Store is the Best Retail Redo…Ever

Few individual retail stores have had the ups and downs of the Bed Bath & Beyond store on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan. And with its ...
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The Grocery Business Is Anything But, in the Bag

As much as the pandemic turned so many retail industries upside down it can be argued that one sector of retailing is coming out of ...
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Uncontainable: The Great Supply Chain Meltdown

OK, consider this situation: You’re going to the supermarket to pick up a few things but there are problems. You can’t find your car keys ...
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Here Comes the Suburbanizing Twenties

America has had several great migrations of historical proportions: the manifest-destiny westward-ho movement to the Pacific in the 19th century; the trek north for Blacks ...
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Walmart and Gap Go Home

Walmart has fallen into The Gap. It no doubt hopes it’s a successful journey…even if history suggests otherwise. Last month the biggest of the big, ...
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Is the Retail Campus the Next Small Thing?

Even as many national retailers have been opening bigger and bigger stores — Super Centers, Combo Stores, Hyper Markets and all variations of Giant and ...
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Why Outlet Stores Are a Big Boom for Unexpected Retailers

Conventional retailers are increasingly deciding they don’t want to let TJX and its off-price brethren have all the close-out fun Way back in the bad ...
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What Do You Do If Your Big Box is Empty?

Somewhere, in that great classroom in the sky, Adam Smith is standing there behind his lectern, saying “I told you so.” As you probably may ...
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