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Amazon Book Stores

[…] rumored that, following 20 years of driving book stores out of business, Amazon is now planning to get into the bookstore business. The CEO of mall operations for General Growth Properties, Sandeep Mathrani, commented to “The Wall Street Journal” that […]

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[…] come true. Better late than never. With that nearly two-decade old thought in mind, I visited the 6,000 square-foot Amazon Books store in University Village, an upscale, open-air lifestyle mall in northeast Seattle, near the University of Washington’s sprawling urban […]

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Amazon and Barnes & Noble: A Giant Irony

[…] departure as CEO, are truly astounding. And the one that stands out most is Amazon’s closing of all 66 Amazon Books in the U.S. and two in the United Kingdom. A Vision Lost? No one would argue that Bezos is […]

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[…] is a consumer-facing product by the very inside-baseball, industry-driven Hair Construction Co. Through the creation of mega training materials (look- books, videos, step-by-step “recipes,” product recommendations), three-year-old Hair Construction does the heavy lifting for tens of thousands of salons around […]

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Speed is Not Free

When I first started in the apparel industry, fresh out of college with a BA in Philosophy, I was determined to learn everything I could about how to build a successful apparel brand and business. The concept of quality was […]

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What Women Want

It is very dangerous in the 21st century for an aging man to talk about the changing status of women. A few years ago, I wrote a book, \”What Women Want,\” on the topic and then hid under my desk. […]

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My “Power” Breakfasts With Marvin Traub

I’m remembering Marvin Traub not for all of his greatness in life, which has been adequately paid tribute to by those who were personally and professionally closer to him. Rather I am remembering him warmly and honorably over many breakfasts […]

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Robin Lewis Speaking Engagements

Robin Lewis Author, Visionary, Retail Guru Robin Lewis is the founder and CEO of The Robin Report. He is an author, speaker, and consultant for the retail and consumer products industries. He is frequently requested by C-level management for advice, […]

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