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Whole Foods: Amazon’s Huge Mistake

At some point just around the birth of Amazon, Jeff Bezos said he must get big fast, (to own unreachable market share ahead of copycats) and he must get two categories right: grocery and apparel. He accomplished getting big fast […]

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The Amazon Effect on Whole Foods

It has been almost exactly one year since Amazon made its stunning buyout of specialty grocery retailer Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion. So, what better time than now to take a look at how the whole thing is proceeding. […]

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Amazon’s New Food-Store Rollout

There is a lack of clarity of details surrounding Amazon\’s upcoming development of a food-store format that will be entirely distinct from its Whole Foods stores. This seems to be Amazon\’s M.O. when it comes to its new initiatives. That […]

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New Whole Foods Format

In the usual course of events, when Amazon or its close sibling Whole Foods opens a new food-retailing format, a huge burst of publicity ensues, often featuring enthusiastic, ill-informed predictions about how the new format will take over the world […]

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Amazon’s New Supermarket Chain

The first preview emerged a few weeks ago when Amazon acknowledged that the Whole Foods \”365\” format would no longer exist. Later, it was further acknowledged that all 12 of those stores would be converted to the Whole Foods banner. […]

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Amazon’s Migraine: Walmart

[…] are aware of. I will repeat the highlights only as a segue way to a couple of other signals that Amazon must be noticing that their Walmart headache will likely turn into a migraine. Signal #1 First of all, a […]

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Amazon’s Acquisition Game

Let’s be clear once and for all—Jeff Bezos doesn’t care if he sells you broccoli or ball gowns. Therein lies Amazon’s greatest strength and the potential chink in its digital armor. This strategy of being the “everything store” will be […]

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Amazon’s Non-Department Store Launch

Is this Amazon’s breakout retail moment?  After testing various retail formats, with some “keepers,” they plan to launch what “is akin” to department stores, according to a Wall Street Journal article. So, I have to ask, is this just another […]

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Amazon’s Prime Prospects

[…] the question that everybody’s asking…and that only one person on the planet has the answer to: What physical retailer will Amazon buy next? Notice the question is not if, it’s only a matter of who. Following its purchase of Whole […]

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Amazon’s Trojan Horse

[…] than own? Jeff Bezos may be outsmarting the rest of the retailing world…again. While everyone speculates on which physical retailer Amazon will buy next, Bezos may be working an entirely different strategy for how to expand his domain beyond the […]

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