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World Retail Congress has been the premier platform for in-depth research, content and events since 2007.Our annual Congress unites leaders from across the global retail industry for innovative, groundbreaking strategies and insights that drive success. It’s the unrivaled high-level forum for senior executives to learn, share insights, form powerful connections, and play a key part in shaping the future of retail. Each year, World Retail Congress curates a program that cuts to the core of key issues facing retail leadership, bringing together the brightest minds inside retail and out, including those from economics, academia, politics, and NGOs. With a new host city announced yearly, we are proud to announce that World Retail Congress will be taking place in Paris, France for 2024.

RR Stop Talking and Start Doing

Stop Talking and Start Doing, Now and Faster

An Alert From World Retail Congress, 2017 By now, if anybody in the entire retail and consumer facing industries, from C-level executives down to the janitor working the night shift, is not aware of the fundamental earth-quaking changes going on across all of commerce, they

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