pathr logo color dark is building digital analytics for the retail world, helping your organization understand customer behavior inside your physical stores.

By leveraging existing cameras, delivers a scalable AI-powered Spatial Intelligence solution that drives loss prevention, store operations, merchandising, and marketing optimizations across a fleet of stores.

Address a variety of use cases including:

    • Minimizing shrink due to theft & fraud by flagging suspicious behavior as it happens in an unbiased way 
    • Optimizing store operations by monitoring checkout queues and wait times
    • Measuring true sales conversion rates by understanding entrance and group sizes
    • Understanding the effectiveness of merchandise and displays based on customer traffic and dwell times
    • Reacting with real-time alerts that drive better customer experiences and stronger sales conversion
  • Creating store-by-store benchmarking to build individual improvement strategies for each location
  • Improving location profitability by guiding staff and customer interactions with actionable insights’s Spatial Intelligence solution provides insights into a retailer’s store fleet, going beyond just traffic counting and understanding customer behavior inside a store. Integrated onto a retailer’s business systems, delivers privacy-preserving insights through interactive dashboards and real-time alerts sent to mobile devices or email that guide employee actions. 

Leveraging’s analytics, ​​retailers can focus on driving actionable business results and informed decision-making that lead to improved sales, operational efficiency, and reduced shrink.

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Navigating the Billion-Dollar Battle Against Retail and Cyber Crime: The Role of AI

Ever wondered how to tackle the billion-dollar problem of organized retail crime? Join us for an engaging chat with George Shaw, founder and CEO of, as he sheds light on the magnitude of this issue, with the prediction of $100 billion in losses looming over the retail industry in 2023. In the face of these challenges, we dive into the transformative power of AI and open-source technology. We also explore data privacy and the potential bias in asset protection, highlighting’s data collection strategy as a beacon of consumer data protection. As George elaborates, the future lies in the innovative collaboration between tech and retail experts. 


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