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Nexite helps fashion retailers take control of their physical retail operations to increase sales with real-time in-store customer behavior data, truly automated inventory management and a digital-first customer and staff experience.

Using our Next-gen RFID, IoT and AI technology – the impossibly tiny, battery-free, long-range NanoBT tag – Nexite connects physical merchandise to the cloud to deliver a continuous stream of item-level insights from every store so you can understand and better control what’s happening with your most expensive assets: customers, inventory and staff.  Now, clothes tell you where they are and where they can sell best, why some styles are bestsellers, and others are abandoned before checkout, alert staff when they’re running low, automatically disable alarms at checkout, and offer customers in-store digital experiences and more.

Nexite’s Connected Retail platform creates transformational value across store sales, merchandising, omnichannel, stock management, loss prevention and frictionless shopping experiences for a proven 12% increase in sales.

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