Target's Strategy

Is Target’s Strategy Causing it to Lose Its “Tarjay?”

Target is launching a new budget brand, “dealworthy,” joining the race to the bottom where prices struggle to cover costs. Dealworthy’s products, many to be priced under $10, might just ...

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Top Retail Brands to Watch in 2024
10 Top Brands to Watch in 2024
Everyone loves a winner. And we’re all intrigued by why top retail brands are scoring big with consumers, and why ...
Pet Business
Is the Pet Business Going to the Dogs?
How much is that doggie in the window? Probably less than it was two years ago…maybe a lot less. During ...
New Luxury
New Luxury Redefines the Market
Understanding the evolving luxury market is redefining its main trading currency: desire. New luxury’s image is shifting to become more ...

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Tiktok Videos
Are TikTok Videos Killing Instagram Reels?
To do Instagram Reels or TikTok Video? That is the question for brands doing social media and influencer marketing in ...
Super Bowl
How Do the Super Bowl LVIII Ads Reflect American Culture?
At TRR, we take the long view: What does stuff mean and why does it matter? In that spirit, here’s ...
MIA: Gen Alpha Beauty Retail
I’m the mother of four beautiful members of Generation Alpha. Three of my children are girls and, for the most ...
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Retail Podcast

True Crime Retail Podcast

There was a time we could still envision when going to the mall used to be a joyous activity. Even an aspirational one. Even a ...

Where Is Black Leadership in Corporate Retail?

Over the next 50 years, Nielsen research predicts the Black population is expected to grow by 22 percent while the White (non-Hispanic) population is expected ...
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Top Retail Brands to Watch in 2024

10 Top Brands to Watch in 2024

Everyone loves a winner. And we’re all intrigued by why top retail brands are scoring big with consumers, and why ...

Where An Oil-Driven Past Gives Way to a Consumer-Driven Future

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2/19-2/20 No, it’s not about golf. Yes, there’s that. More importantly, it’s where you should plan to ...


Retail AI in 2024: The Next Paradigm
Retail AI in 2024: The Next Paradigm.
To kick off retail’s transformative year, NRF was a one-stop shopping moment to take the pulse of the industry. If ...
Indonesia’s eCommerce Economy Driven by Innovation
After China, Indonesia is Asia’s largest digital ecosystem retail battleground, currently dominated by GoTo, Grab and Shopee. Indonesia’s 250 million ...
Welcome to the 3D Century
If you’re looking for a quick way to become an overnight expert on 3D and emerging technologies in the fashion ...


VF’s New CEO

VF’s New CEO, Bracken Darrell: “It’s a Strategic Thing”  

VF has been on a spree. In 2004, it paid $396 million for lifestyle brand Vans. They purchased bootmaker, Timberland, ...
10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

Not Your Usual Suspects: 10 Global Retailers Worth Watching

With the specter of inflation seemingly tamed and the prospect of the U.S. Federal Reserve lowering interest rates as many ...


Carrefour and PepsiCo Battle Over Pricing
Shrinkflation is not a new phenomenon, but the practice has ramped up over the past couple of years, with many ...
Self-Checkout is dying
Self-Checkout is Dying. Hallelujah!
Whether we were aware of it or not, over the past decade or so consumers in just about every Western ...
That Was the Year of 23 Skidoo
I bet nobody actually says “23 skidoo” anymore. Chances are most people have never even heard the expression…much less know ...
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