The Robin Report 2022 CEO Forum

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Radical thinking and agility are reshaping the retail industry. Learn from three radical thinking CEOs who are redefining retail success. These innovators are clearly driving the major transformations within their respective retail brands and have risen to the challenges of delivering high performances during an unprecedented global pandemic. They have maintained their respective North Stars in not compromising customer experience for short-term profit goals.

Our Innovation thought leadership forum features in-depth conversations with Robin Lewis and three leading executives who pull back the curtain and reveal how to achieve high-performance, meet marketplace disruptions with intelligent, innovative solutions, and manage a workforce that has a mind of its own.


The Robin Report Annual CEO Forum: Jane Elfers, CEO, The Children’s Place

\"\"Sometimes radical thinking is as simple as planning ahead. Jane Elfers had the foresight to invest (to the tune of $50 million) in digital transformation which perfectly positioned Children’s Place to thrive during the pandemic and match the skills of its digitally savvy customers. A visionary leader, Jane is a believer in short-term pain for long-term gain and leads through intention and a sensitivity to her customer base of moms. Learn from Jane how partnerships, pivots, flexibility, and a deep understanding of core customer needs is a formula for success. In a marketplace where only 15 percent of CEOs of the Fortune 500 are women, Jane exemplifies the balance of a strong command of the business with an empathy for her millennial and Gen Z workforce. Learn how she does it in this insightful conversation.

The Robin Report Annual CEO Forum: Ken Hicks, CEO, Academy Sports + Outdoors

\"\"Academy Sports and Outdoors is a solid community-based retailer catering to sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Labeled essential, Academy responds to all natural disasters and the pandemic. Ken Hicks transformed the brand from a modest family business with a dismal future to a remarkable success as a public company. Learn how he did this through operational prowess and a workforce culture reset. In a disruptive marketplace with distracted leadership, Ken is a strong supporter of focus on selected key initiatives and mastery of doing a few critical things well. Learn from Ken on the future of retail as it evolves by learning on the fly, mastering supply chain challenges, recognizing engaged workers, and promoting customer-first grass roots initiatives throughout the workforce. Learn how humility, focus and tenacity defines radical thinking.

The Robin Report Annual CEO Forum: Tony Spring, CEO, Bloomingdale’s

\"\"Animation, activation, celebration, and passion. Radical ideas from Tony Spring who has been building the Bloomingdale’s business through the good times and the bad – and when both happen at the same time as in today’s disruptive economy. His operating principle is to view retail as theater and bringing to life all the possibilities that his retail brand offers with creativity and imagination. He also believes in the value of anticipation and planning combining both science and art to meet customers where they are going. His radical thinking is also viewing the business holistically, taking a systems approach to ensure that all customers are included in the curated in-store experience as well as online. Learn how Tony leads by encouraging curiosity and treating the business as a learning laboratory that prospers though discipline balanced with pragmatism.


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