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What is the next wave of retail innovation and ingenuity? And what does the next wave of retail leaders have to say about the industry?

Is Gen Z fundamentally changing how businesses can thrive in a digital marketplace?  And are retail merchants becoming retail engineers? The future of retail is rampant with strategy. This executive series bridges theory to actionable practice.  Retail leaders, innovators, thought leaders and Gen Z rising stars identify retail’s next wave and explore how the industry can catch up to its future.

Bridging Theory to Practice

Three rising stars debate the future of retail and brands with a focus on the role of the CEO in today’s fractious litigious culture. What is the responsibility of retailers and brands to their local communities and stakeholders? And how does marketing resonate with a generation of young consumers who demand authenticity.

Robin Barrett Wilson, Industry Executive Advisor, SAP

Next-Gen Leaders
Emma Brandenburg, Assistant Merchant, Abercrombie & Fitch
Anesha Gordon, Assistant Buyer, Targe
Megan Donovan, Associate Buyer, Macy\’s

Innovation and Ingenuity

Three next-gen experts deconstruct what it’s going to take for legacy retail to catch up to its future. How do startup entrepreneurs identify meaningful solution gaps and how can legacy retailers be invited and welcomed into the new forms of communications, so they get a chance to reposition their brands?

Jerry O’Brien, Director of the Kohl’s Center for Retailing in the School of Human Ecology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Startup Innovators
Katie Lorenz, Founder of Campo Alpaca, Principal, Accenture
Whitney Falk, CEO, ZZDriggs
Matt Hornbuckle, Co-CEO, Stantt

Retail Engineers

Visionary brick-and-mortar retail leader, Dick Johnson, CEO of Footlocker goes one-on-one with Visionary tech retailer, Stacy Igel, Founder, BOY MEETS GIRL® in a spirited conversation exploring the intersection of the art and science of retail.

Robin Lewis, CEO, The Robin Report

Stacy Igel, Founder, Creative Director, BOY MEETS GIRL®
Dick Johnson, CEO, Foot Locker

Why Go to a Store?

Three successful retail leaders and practitioners have a provocative discussion about the future of retail, what today’s customers want and how authentic experience will redefine the concept and reality of a “store.”

Robin Lewis, CEO, The Robin Report

Retail Leaders
Mike Tamte, CEO, Evereve
Rachel Shechtman, Founder, STORY
Mike Gould, Former CEO, Bloomingdale’s

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