Retail Radicals

The Robin Report Index – 2020

Year-two of TRR\’s successful awards program focuses on identifying radical thinkers and doers (innovators and entrepreneurial leaders) exclusively in the legacy (brick-and-mortar) sectors of the retail industry. These radicals are clearly driving the major transformations within their respective retail brands. We celebrate legacy radicals because their challenges are much larger and more complex than those of the legion of tech-driven startups who are so often celebrated.

Our 2020 Radicals Awards Index is a qualitative, data-based awards platform using proprietary metrics to measure outperforming retail brands across various sectors in the industry. The metrics are measured through a deep quantifiable analysis. Qualitative factors supporting the data are researched across publicly accessible reports; the combination of these quantitative and qualitative metrics frame this year\’s program Retail Radicals and The Robin Report Index: 2020. We believe the Retail Radicals have reached an inflection point activating a successful transformation that will accelerate a sustainable profitable growth curve going forward.

Past Retail Radicals

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