Bill D’Arienzo

Bill D’Arienzo is the founder & Chief Brand Officer of WDA Brand Marketing Strategies, has created & lectures in the “Brand Management” & “Brand Strategies for Driving Sustainability” Certificate Programs at FIT/NYC, and often presents in various venues on ESG & Circularity in the fashion space.
Bill & WDA serve as strategy advisors to, a soon-to-be launched web platform & app that enables consumers to assess if brands and non-profits are adhering to their avowed promises on CSR/ESG standards. Conversely, it informs brands and non-profits if their business operations are aligned with their core or targeted consumer’s values, enabling the former, if needed, to realign their operations with the values of key consumers. Bill also serves as U.S. strategy adviser for, the #1 think tank and business development advisory in Italy for premium and luxury goods.

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