Pathr and Spatial Intelligence

Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

Tech innovations reveal insights about your customers that you may not see in plain sight. In-person analytics should be as common for each retailer as online analytics are for their websites. How do retailers measure and leverage the shifts in consumer behavior as cities and businesses reopen? Join special guests George Shaw, CEO of Pathr, Robin Lewis and Shelley E. Kohan, TRR’s chief strategist as they explore how algorithm-based spatial intelligence provides meaningful insights to help understand live customer interactions in real time, increase sales, decrease losses and manage your workforce.

[maxbutton id=\”17\” ] uncovers human behavior and interaction in a physical space. Pathr’s cutting edge Spatial Intelligence platform provides real-time movement patterns leading to increased conversion, more efficient operations and an improved customer experience. With no additional hardware required, utilizes existing in-store infrastructure to create and understand anonymous location data. 

Pathr offers a range of solutions for retailers, malls and commercial real estate businesses.


How Works

Our clients start with a key question. For example:

  • Is our store staff effective? – High-end skiwear brand
  • How best to set lease rates? – Mall operator
  • What do customers do after they make a return? – Department store
  • Are our checkouts operating efficiently? – Supermarket group

Our Proven Solutions

Operations (increase quality interactions)

  • Increase sales staff effectiveness: increase customer engagement and interaction with staff leading to increased conversion.
  • Improve staff efficiency: create operational enhancements and increase staffing ROI. For example, determine the right number of checkouts to open based on shopper traffic and flow throughout the store.


Determine the ideal staff location based on customer path


Define ideal restocking route

Loss prevention (mitigate fraud)

  • Reduce shrink: identify the different types of fraud including shoplifting and ultimately reduce costs.


Identify potentially suspicious behavior

Merchandising (improve product assortment)

  • Increase product level conversion: understand how many people walked by and didn’t purchase the product; identify what shoppers were exposed to but didn\’t buy; identify opportunities for conversion.
  • Improve product mix: identify shopper interest in product and purchasing behavior related to product mix.


A complete shopper funnel, depicting 1) how many customers passed by a particular product 2) how many stopped and looked at the product 3) how many then interacted with a staff member

Marketing (improve customer experience)

  • Improve marketing effectiveness: understand signage visibility and determine correlation to sales.
  • Optimize store design: understand customer engagement and interaction throughout the store.


Identify customer and staff traffic flow throughout the store


Understand key interactions between customers and staff

Malls and commercial real estate (drive leasing rates)

  • Drive optimal leasing rates for tenants.
  • Understand customer exposure to each brand.
  • Measure traffic flow to each location.


Relative traffic volume at different locations in a shopping center


  • Anonymous with no additional hardware required: seamlessly elevate and get more out of your existing infrastructure.
  • Get answers real time: don\’t drown in data and no specialized training required.
  • Custom analytics to answer key business questions.

Contact us to explore how we can address your real-time spatial intelligence needs.

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