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Bd_logo_combo_PPT_blueThe Yacobian Group enables leading retailers to improve store performance and same store sales in dramatic and measurable ways. They have unparalleled expertise in what makes customers buy (or not buy), earned over 25 years while working with the world’s best known retailers to improve conversion and transaction size. The Yacobian Group scales that improvement across the enterprise through a simple, but powerful big-data platform called Blueday that makes it easier and faster to align the organization and drive individual performance. When store teams blow away their goal, it’s called a “Blueday.” When there are more Bluedays, it means customer expectations are being met and profitable sales are growing systematically.

To see how Blueday helps CEOs and CFOs see their numbers differently, enables COOs and Store Heads to run their stores more successfully and shows Store Managers and Associates how to better meet customer needs, contact Toni Yacobian and the highly experienced Yacobian team. With Blueday, there finally is light at the end of the brick and mortar tunnel.

For more information please contact Toni Yacobian at  info@yacobian.com or visit our website at www.yacobian.com

Phone: 978.461.4501 (office)

Toni Yacobian About Toni Yacobian

Toni Yacobian is CEO of The Yacobian Group and is a recognized expert on improving store performance and enabling large retailers to scale consistent store experiences across their decentralized fleets. Recently, she has developed Blueday™, a brand new store performance improvement platform that combines human interaction with big data and uses cutting edge technology to engage people at all levels of an organization. Blueday is used by a range of clients including Advance Auto Parts, Staples, and DXL. For more information, contact Toni: tyacobian@yacobian.com, 978.758.2281 (mobile), 978.461.4501 (office).