What Are Your Customers Doing?

Breaking the Information Barrier

Insights from MasterCard Advisors Merchant Solutions – New Data, New Perspectives

The Robin Report - Mastercard AdvisorsWhile over the past several years there has been a huge upsurge of merchants collecting and using customer data to drive retail business performance, the power of those approaches has been constrained by what might be called the three “natural limits” of in-store gathered information: target, space, and time.

That is, merchant retail data can only show them what their customers, while they are in their store, have already done.
No matter how good their analytic tools, retailers’ sales data is limited to what happens within their own walls.

Access to a broader picture of actual consumer behavioral data is changing the landscape for retailers and other merchants, and our Merchant Solutions practice has taken a lead in providing merchants with this kind of data-driven insight. The billions of transactions MasterCard processes each year give us the ability to do robust reporting, modeling and consumer behavioral segmentation.

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The Daily Battle for Consumer Loyalty

New Consumer Intelligence Tools for Tough Economic Times

Insights From MasterCard Advisors Merchant Solutions

In this tough economic environment, every retailer knows how critical maintaining customer loyalty is to being successful. As money has gotten tighter, consumers have become increasingly willing to shop around, breaking their traditional shopping patterns in the search for value. Digital media, social networking and the smartphone have also changed the face of retailing forever. When a shopper can find out about a new product, compare prices, or follow a blog about fashion trends – all in the time it takes for her to walk from the parking lot to the mall entrance – then nothing can be taken for granted about where she will shop once she enters the mall. The net outcome of these two trends is that customer loyalty has become a more and more precious commodity in the modern retail landscape.

The Robin ReportTo manage customer loyalty effectively, of course, you must first be able to measure it precisely and consistently over time. A robust loyalty metric needs to do more than simply monitor the value of your customers’ spending at your stores or website – it needs to help you to understand how much those same customers are also spending with your competitors. [Read more…]

What, Where, How and Why They Buy

The Robin ReportThe changes that have hit retailers and service merchants in the past two years have only intensified the foundational need to maximize revenues, improve operational efficiencies, and forge brands that continue to attract and retain customers. Making decisions in this rapidly changing marketplace requires high-resolution insights. Putting new strategies into practice profitably requires deeply informed marketing capabilities.

MasterCard (MA) Advisors Merchant Solutions offers US merchants in the retail, dining, travel, and entertainment industry categories access to a broad range of information, analytics, and targeted marketing solutions.

What Makes Advisors Merchant Solutions Different?  Robust Data.

Advisors Merchant Solutions information, analytics, behavioral segmentation, and modeling capabilities are based on quantitative insights derived from billions of identified transactions processed each year from the 340 million MasterCard-branded credit, charge, and debit cards issued in the United States. Our information products provide a view of overall spending activity, including estimates for spending via other payment forms. Significant investment in cleansing and organizing this data has created a unique data platform— reflecting actual spend behaviors. And because the platform is refreshed with new data every single day, it is always up-to-date.

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